Bergen, June 12th
0830 - 1700
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Startup Extreme 2017 - Day One - Bergen - Image copyright Dan Taylor-





Startup Extreme is bringing this year to Bergen the most exciting local and international speakers to share with us their thoughts and experiences of growing a company internationally.

Serial entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, Academics, Corporate Managers and Hackers are invited to take the stage and talk about the different aspects of the scaleup problem.  

From the Startup Extreme team, we hope this conference will inspire many Norwegian entrepreneurs to dream big from the very beginning and to help them pursue a successful scale up story.





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9:00 - 10:00


The Extreme Outdoor Open Ceremony

Startup Extreme 2017 - Day One - Bergen - Image copyright Dan Taylor-

Welcoming the Startup Flag with Extreme surprise show & traditional flag parade

The Extreme Opening Plenum 

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Our awesome co-founder & CEO, Maja Adriaensen, will share some few words to welcome everyone to Startup Extreme and officially open the conference.

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Hilde Indresøvde, General Manager Incubation and Innovation at BTO, will also share some words about the Norwegian entrepreneurs in general and the Bergen Startup scene in particular. 

10:00 - 11:00



Hunting for Unicorns in the Nordics: Unity Technologies scaleup success story.

$1 billion worth-value start-ups are called unicorns because they are a rarity in the entrepreneurial world and the success stories they tell have more of myth than of truth. Unity Technologies, founded in Copenhagen by David Helgason, Nicholas Francis, and Joachim Ante, it is one of the most inspiring unicorn examples in Scandinavia with a successful scaleup story that most entrepreneurs can relate to and can expect to experience too.   

David Helgason, founder and CEO of Unity during 14 years will share with us a story with many failures and few VCs. A story about how they were able to build a successful scaleup story with a mission statement: make game development accessible to everyone.


David Helgason

Founder & Board Member of Unity Technologies

The scaleup problem as a goal: Panel with Ari Helgason & David Helgason

Not every startup have to go global. However, if to scale up is your company’s biggest problem, it means that you have done a great job as a startup. And this shouldn't be seen as a problem every entrepreneur has to bear alone. Companies that scale up generate an enormous amount of economic growth. So addressing this problem should concern us all.

Raising enough fundings, attracting the skilled workers and the lack of appropriate management skills are some of the main challenges startups face when scaling. The Helgason brothers, David & Ari, will address these issues in our panel. 


David Helgason

Founder & Board Member of Unity Technologies


Ari Helgason

Principal at Index Ventures

Borte bra, men hjemme best: main challenges Norwegian startups face when scaling abroad.

Norwegian companies are highly innovative initiatives, tech-focused and with the mission to generate a positive impact on the environment and on society. However, they usually lack the ability to win international clients and sometimes the ambition to grow abroad. A big domestic market may be one of the reasons. But what else is stopping Norwegian startups to scale?

Lars Johan Bjorkevoll, co-founder of ScaleupXQ and former CGO (Chief Growth Officer) of Xeneta, one of the scaleups we most look forward to succeeding, will share with us what were some of the barriers he found on the way.

LJ Bjorkevoll.jpeg

Lars Johan Bjørkevoll

Co-founder ScaleupXQ

11:15 - 12:15




The European Venture Capital in the international landscape 

Venture Capital Panel featured by ARGENTUM

(More information coming soon)

Speakers :


13:15 - 14:30


When you cannot celebrate all your employee’s birthday because you suddenly have 500: How to manage a growing team

Chaos is part of any startup but specially, part of any scaleup. Chaos is easier to manage with smaller teams, as founders can update individually every member and include everyone in the decision process. But with bigger teams, founders cannot hope to talk with every employee and questions such as “How do we make sure everyone is busy and well informed?” arise. Growing a team requires to rethink the way information is being expected and communicated inside the team. And as Hampus Jakobsson emphasizes, it requires founders to “let go”. To trust and delegate on people.

Hampus Jakobsson, Venture Partner at Blueyard Capital, will talk about how scaling a team can pose a threat to the startup culture and how founders can manage chaos defining new organization systems.


Hampus Jakobsson

Venture Partner @ BlueYard Capital

The process of recruitment and retention: How the constant shift of roles can stop tech companies from growing faster.

One of the main problems European tech startups face is fundraising. The other one is to hire and retain tech people. For most startups, the advice is to hire for aptitudes not attributes, to hire “fast learners”. You need someone who has high aptitudes and the ability to learn fast, because the role is going to constantly shift. However, Hussein Kanji, founding partner of Hoxton Ventures, a London-based VC, considers that the advice for tech startup is to hire for attributes and skills, and to maintain the tech people as tech people, not business managers.

Hussein Kanji.jpg

Hussein Kanji

Founding Partner of Hoxton Ventures


14:30 - 15:30



The future you are building: Moonshots, Black Mirror, and technology for good

Dr. Sari Stenfors is a serial entrepreneur, a socially conscious nerd and a cyborg anthropologist. She is Executive Director of Augmented Leadership Institute, a San Francisco based think-tank. Her focus is on how AI, AR/VR, Blockchain and other emerging tech has the ability to change societies for better and worse.  The digital revolution has shaken all traditional socio-economic structures and is redefining the way humans behave and interact. However, is it going toward the right direction? What are the largest, most impactful problems to solve right now? And how should they be solved? Sari will show the opportunities for entrepreneurs to take part in the tech-for-good movement and be financially successful at the same time. 


Sari Stenfors

Executive Director of Augmented Leadership Institute

Hacking the hackers: Without adequate security systems, the internet of things can become the internet of things to be hacked

Technology has brought tremendous benefits to the development of the society. But this extraordinary invention “poses one of the gravest security dangers” in the present days, according to the former America president, Barack Obama. Hundreds of millions of people turn on their computers every day and send all kinds of sensitive data on the web, that companies collect and sell as the new oil. Recent scandals of misuse of data and cyber-attacks, have resulted in a general feeling of distrust against tech firms. But far from being powerless against hackers and unethical business practises, companies can do a lot to help themselves. Cyber security should be a high priority for tech companies.

Ralph Echemendia, is a world-renowned cyber security expert. For the last 25 years he has taught major corporations and sectors of the Federal Government how to better protect themselves from digital threats as well as security breaches. He consults for a number of Hollywood entities and individuals on how to reduce the impact of security breaches. His last projects were TV-show Mr.Robot and Snowden by Oliver Stone. 


Ralph Echemendia

The Ethical Hacker

Against all odds: How becoming an entrepreneur after a career in the oil industry is a good idea.  

Monica challenges the general assumption of who the typical entrepreneur is will. She is doing what she “always dreamt of” with Think Outside, an exciting sport-tech innovation that could help save lives in the winter mountains, after many years working in the Norwegian oil industry. She believes that a long career as a explorationist in the industry has given her a beneficial ground to succeed as an entrepreneur. As a geologist, she is used to handle uncertainty and mitigate risks, to use all data available to understand nature, constantly challenge the established models and conceptions and make objective decisions that could have large financial consequences.  

Now she is taking advantage of that long industry background, transferring tech and knowledge into new grounds and together with her team has taken an aim at making a difference in the sports industry. In other words; think outside – no box required.

Monica Vaksdal.png

Monica Vaksdal

Founder & CEO of Think Outside     

16:00 - 17:00



17:00 - 18:00 




13:00 - 14:30


The founder's fundraising journey

Bergen based Henchman & Goon has recently closed an investment round of $ 400.000 with Altered Ventures, an American venture capital fund, to develop their largest gaming project, Pode.

As CEO of Henchman & Goon, Yngvill will take us through Henchman & Goon's journey as a growing startup and their experience fundraising internationally . She will talk about how they started the company as group of fresh art graduates with no business experience. How they have been able to finalise Pode with the help and capital from Altered Ventures. And how they have been able to engage thousands of gamers around the world that are waiting for Pode to be released. 


Yngvill Hopen

CEO of Henchman & Goon

The role of VCs in building strong startup communities

What fuels success and builds global technology winners? Knowledge pools, winners & role models and professional capital, points Henrik Grim at Northzone.

“Overnight successes take time, but under the right conditions generates ripple effects”. After having invested in more than 130 technology companies since 1996, Northzone points to the importance of a strong community and how they are a key to success. What is the state of Norway in terms of knowledge pools, winners & role models and professional capital? How are these three factors contributing to the success of the Norwegian tech ecosystem?

Henrik-ny-1024x791 copy.jpg

Henrik Grim

Investor at Northzone

Panel: VC fundraising tips and advices from top VCs

Is VC funding right for your company growing goals? How to pick the VC you want to work with? How much money do you need and how much money should you ask? Join us during the panel and ask these and other questions you may have about the funding process to scale up.

The Venture  panelists are Carl Fritjofsson, Partner at Creandum; Andrew Steele, Investment Team at Activant Capital; Henrik Grim, Investor at Northzone; Bente Loe, Partner at Alliance Venture; and Adrian Tan, Program Director at VIISA. 

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14:30 - 16:00


Angel Challenge Bergen 2018 Finale: Supporting the Norwegian Startup Ecosystem by making investments happen.

- Where 16 investors invest 800,000 NOK into one startup

For the last two months, 15 Bergen Angel Investors have worked together analysing a handful of local startups, learning angel investing by doing it. During the Finale night, these investors will choose the winning startup, who will take home a 800,000 NOK investment.

Creative Business Cup National Finale: the world championship for creative entrepreneurs

Creative Business Cup is an international competition with focus on the creative industries. Creative Business Cup turns the spotlight on new entrepreneurial talents in the creative industries in order to motivate, train and develop the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Five different startups will compete against each other for the one ticket to represent Norway in the global Creative Business Cup which is held each year (November) in Copenhagen, Denmark, during Global Entrepreneurship Week.