How to syndicate together for good investments. Investors pitching their investment cases to help raise funding for companies they believe in. Closed session targeted towards investors - a great fit for angel investors looking for the next investment opportunity and a stronger network of other experiences angel investors. 

Hosted by Angel Challenge - A leading startup investment community in Norway. 
Since the start in 2015, more than 130 investors and 120 startups have been through the programs all over Norway. In 2016 alone, 6 Angel Challenge programs in 4 Norwegian cities led to 15 investments of more than 30 million NOK. 

Host; Thomas Berglund, Founding Partner and Chairman Angel Challenge

Thomas Berglund, a Swede living in Norway since 1994. A serial entrepreneur with three exits has been investing in start-ups for more than 10 years and as Business Angel full time the last two years. Thomas holds a portfolio of sixteen companies. The latest project, Angel Challenge, co-founded together with Startup Norway, is a hands-on program to empower private investors to co-invest in start-ups. He is also running a co-working place together with Startup Norway for Investors in Oslo called OHOI (Oslo House of Innovation).