You don't have to be a Startup to
set the disruption agenda

Learn from the best in class entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders
how to set the pace in your industry

  • Learn the best tools and methods the startups are utilizing to innovate with speed and agility.

  • Understand how new technologies will be shaping innovation in the future.

  • See the need to get more involved and partner up with the startup industry to understand the new businessmodels.



1100 - 1200

At the core of the new business models lies the ability to rapidly adapt to changes, respond to customer needs and pivot when reality bites. In this session we dig deeper into the stories about being smart, working lean and building as you go.


“Kolonial- the fastest growing online grocery platform”
-  Jon Kåre Stene - COO

Why would a startup like stand a chance to entry one of the toughest industries in Norway? How do they cope with 7% weekly growth in a 9 month period dealing with a highly physical value chain? The team behind has broad experience from both startups and large corporations. In the building of the team has from day1 been focused on extracting the best from the two worlds. At the same time the team has been aware of the challenges and weaknesses larger corporations have in the age of technology and disruption. Jon Kåre will share his thoughts on how larger companies can learn from the journey has taken.


“Why most intrapreneurship programs suck and what to do about it” 
- Henrik Scheel - Founder og CEO Startup

In this fast-paced session Silicon Valley based entrepreneur Henrik Scheel will share key insights on why most corporate innovation programs fail to produce successful new businesses and what companies should actually focus on when designing new business departments. Henrik will present a series of actionable tools used by top innovators around the world and discuss how companies can stay hungry for new ideas while fostering and retaining their most valuable innovation champions. Many people think that becoming successful is that hardest part; reality is that the biggest challenge is to stay competitive after the initial success. Henrik brings a wealth of experience from the startup ecosystem in San Francisco as well as the corporate industry in Denmark. He can therefore bridge the two worlds and exemplify how companies can adopt the LEAN Startup methods and practice self-disruption before they get run over by the next wave of garage entrepreneurs.




“Minimal loveable product - The story of Vipps”
- Thang Manh Tran - Head of Business Development Vipps & DNB

When the team started working on Vipps the one and only pitch was, ”"Transferring money should be as simple as sending a text message." Listen to the story of the "now-on-everyones-smartphone” service Vipps form DNB. How did they succeed in using the best of startup mentality to solving the service challenge, while utilizing the heavy weight corporate potential when launching. 


1330 - 1430

The power of being big might also be the biggest Achilles´ heel when innovating. What are the success criteria when setting up an intrapreneurial program? How can bigger corporations learn models and apply tools from the startup way of working in order to spark innovation, create new income streams, new ventures and new business models? It´s all about unleashing the intrapreneurs.

“Igniting Telenor”
- Gisle Pedersen, Head of Innovation Program Telenor Norway

In april of 2016 Telenor launched an internal competition the winners of which would be awarded 3 months in an external accelerator to develop their idea to the point of a Minimal Viable Product. In this presentation Telenor will share the why behind the project, how they chose to set it up and the experiences so far. They will also touch upon similar initiatives which involve Norwegian start-ups through competitions and collaboration in the field of distribution.


"How startups and enterprises must adapt to collaborate successfully"
- Vidar Brekke, CMO Highsoft

Vidar Brekke adresses in this talk why enterprises should pick their innovation projects carefully. He will discuss why fear of failure is driving startup innovation yet stifling innovation at the enterprise level. He will illustrate how enterprises can "fail better" when their innovation projects don't succeed. He will share relevant case studies from his experience as both an entrepreneur and as an enterprise executive collaborating with startups.


"PANEL - Unleasing the Intrapreneur"
- facilitated by Rebeca Hwang, Rivet Ventures & Younoodle

  • Shane Reiser, former COO of Startup Weekend and founder of corporate innovation consultancy Your Ideas Are Terrible
  • Danielle Smith, Community Engagement Lead, DMZ at Ryerson University
  • Gisle Pedersen, Head of Innovation Program Telenor Norway
  • Vidar Brekke, CMO Highsoft

1500 - 1600

The new era is brought forward by major driving forces that can not be ignored. Technological advances and shifts in customer and employee expectations allow for new business models, where old logic is broken and challengers come from unexpected places. This session paints in broad strokes an image of the forces
shaping the startup revolution, and gives you insight into where to look for the new opportunities.


“3D Printing, Innovation and Opportunities to come”
-  Scott Summit Founder of Bespoke Innovations

3D printing has been an integral part of our lives, though most often playing an invisible role in the innovation process. The coming generation of this technology, however, plays a new and vital role as it finds its way into nearly every aspect of our lives. Scott Summit, former Design Director at 3D Systems and founder of Bespoke Innovations, shares some insights and predictions for the upcoming revolution in manufacturing and entrepreneurship.



"The challenges your employees meet on the way to transformation”
- Carie Davis former Global Director of Innovation Coca-Cola and founder of Your Ideas Are Terrible

As corporations discover they can’t remain competitive using traditional innovation methods, they are exploring many strategies to future-proof their organizations. Many organizations have designed and implemented systems to take an idea to market quickly, but what about the people who will help you execute? What challenges will they face? In her work as former Global Director of Innovation Coca-Cola and founder of Your Ideas Are Terrible, Carie Davis has identified common frustrations that these teams will encounter on the road to transformational growth and will share some tactics and tools you can provide to help them succeed.



”Growth in the age of disruption”
-Shane Reiser former COO of Startup Weekend and founder of corporate innovation consultancy Your Ideas Are Terrible

What are corporations doing to avoid disruption in today’s new era of innovation? Shane Reiser, former COO of Startup Weekend and founder of corporate innovation consultancy Your Ideas Are Terrible will analyze models large organizations are using and give you some tactics to start building your own.