Monica Vaksdal.png

Founder & CEO of Think Outside  



’One of those that made it out’. Monica has a background as a geologist in the oil industry and made the transfer 2 years back to new pastures after 16 years of oil and gas exploration. She now explores and innovates the outdoors industry, capitalizing on long exposure of cutting - edge technology, nature - knowledge and risk management.

She flourishes with and around people, but her best days are still when ascending a peak; on skis, bike or climbing. She is a founder of the startup company Think Outside, that together with co-founder Deborah Karlsen and Kjartan Nesse and the team of very talented specialists are building the Dingo technology; a real smart ski that will help skiers know the snow properties and enable better decisions to be safe in the backcountry.



Against all odds: How becoming an entrepreneur after a career in the oil industry is a good idea.