Ralph Echemendia, is a world-renowned cyber security expert, known as “The Ethical Hacker”. For the last 25 years, as a computer hacking consultant, Echemendia has taught major corporations and sectors of the Federal Government how to better protect themselves from digital threats as well as security breaches. He consults for a number of Hollywood entities and individuals on how to reduce the impact of security breaches. His last projects were TV-show Mr.Robot and Snowden by Oliver Stone.

Echemendia is also a creative and technical consultant to film and television projects. His services have been utilised by corporations such as: US Marine Corps, NASA, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, AMEX, Intel, Boeing, Symantec, and IBM. Although, he has taken part in several behind the scenes projects, Ralph has also been a featured speaker/panelist at events such as Austin’s SXSW, LA Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival. His jaw dropping “Hacking Hollywood” appearance has been presented at CAA, DEW Expo, Content Protection & Piracy Summit, as well as the Anti-Piracy and Content Protection Summit.



Hacking the hackers: Without adequate security systems, the internet of things can become the internet of things to be hacked

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