2015 was the year the first Startup Extreme was arranged. 

One day in Bergen, open for everyone, gathering the top influencers and leaders working within innovation and corporate innovation. More than 300 people attended, making it the largest innovation conference on the west coast of Norway.

The closed part of the conference, taking place at Voss, the extreme capital of Norway, gathered the best Nordic startups, international investors, media and other stakeholders in the European and US startup ecosystem for 2 days of extreme sports and shared experiences in Norwegian nature.

73% of the investors participating were based outside the Nordics.


The goal

Our goal was, and will continue to be, to create deeper connections between entrepreneurs, investors and media, and to put the Nordics on the international startup map as one of the leading startup hubs. By having interesting activities, like rafting and beer tasting, that foster collaboration and shared experiences more lasting connections will be made between the participants.

Still not convinced? See what tech journalist and  seasoned startup event participant Robin Wauters from had this to say about the event

It’s hard to capture in words how amazing this inaugural event was. Even calling it an event seems out of place; ‘experience’ hits much closer to home.


Read his full review here



The results of Startup Extreme 2015

3 investments being made in Nordic startups by international investors, and several articles in some of the biggest tech media. Not to forget several valuable connections being made.

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