Learn from the best in class entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders how to build the best company for scale

  • Understand the pitfalls and secret sauce to rigging a company for scale from day one.
  • Learn from people that have scaled companies and taken new markets several times.
  • Understand what investors and big corporations are looking for in their investments and acquisition.



11:00 - 12:00

"Scaling a business from the Nordics provides a unique opportunity», argues Lars Johan Bjørkevoll from Xeneta. Why is that? What are the opportunities and challenges scaling as a Nordic Startup? Four of the Nordics most exciting tech startups that have cracked the code of scaling well outside the Nordics share their advice.

“How we entered 150 countries in 2 years”
- Carl Waldekranz, CEO Tictail.com


PANEL - “Scaling from the Nordics. Challenges and Opportunities”
- Facilitated by Karen Elisabeth Ohm Heskja, DNB

Panel participants:

  • Johan Brand, Kahoot
  • Kjartan Slette, Unacast
  • Carl Waldekranz, Tictail
  • LJ Bjørkevoll, Xeneta


How do you become attractive to investors? How is it different if you are making your company attractive for acquisition? Are you prepping for a corporate or praying for a VC? Get inside the investors head in this session and understand more about what they are looking for.


“10 Ways to Turn off an Investor”
- Jason Ball, Qualcomm Ventures

Getting a VC interested in your startup is a matter of a having a great investment case. But sometimes stupid or perhaps just newbie gets in the way. Learn the do´s and don´t´s that Jason Ball has collected in his life as a VC. You certainly don´t have to make the same mistakes that other people have done before you. 


“Growth Hacking:  What do investors want to see around customer acquisition?”
- Angela Lee, 37 Angels & Columbia Business School

Angela Lee is an educator & entrepreneur.  As Assistant Dean at Columbia Business School, Angela is a highly rated professor of strategy, leadership and entrepreneurship and founder of 37 Angels. She is a sought-after expert on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Fox Business and is regularly featured in media outlets such as Forbes, Huffington Post, and Fast Company. Entrepreneur Magazine recognized Angela as one of Six Innovative Women to Watch in 2015. Angela will take you through what it means to understand your customers, how to acquire them, as well as how to get traction to prove to investors that your idea has merit when you need funding to do it.  



14:00 - 14:30
PANEL -  “Prepping for a corporate or praying for a VC.”
- Facilitated by Rikke Eckhoff Høvding, Norwegian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association 

Panel participants:

  • Andrey Sebrant, Yandex
  • Angela Lee, 37 Angels
  • Bjørn Christensen, Alliance Venture
  • Jason Ball, Qualcomm Ventures

15:00 - 16:00

We challenge the expert to give up their recipe. What are the secrets to rigging the company for scale from day one? What is challenging, how have they failed, and what can we learn from their good decisions? 

“Scaling Solar”
- Simen Fure Jørgensen, Otovo

Otovo is the company that is taking the solar revolution to the Nordics. Just five months after launch, they are on the right track. Customers are signing up and panels are getting installed. But how do they keep the momentum and accelerate  growth? By creating a 10X rollout plan, they are able to keep the right perspective. It allows them to launch and learn early, while putting in just the right effort at just the right time. As they continue growing, they identify and remove bottlenecks. The goal of it all is to create a company that grows along with the number of customers. "Build it, and they will come" is gone. We build it while they are coming!



“From Activation to Scale”
- Mik Stroyberg, Lemonsqueeze

How to enter and scale in a new market. All the do's and don'ts of scaling. Lastly, we'll look into how some companies have already successfully scaled internationally. Lemonsqueeze is a market expansion platform that helps European businesses quickly establish and scale in the United States. Their turnkey solution transforms your US strategy into an established, staffed and active on-the-ground operation in a period of weeks. Lemonsqueeze will remove the hurdles to expand and grow your business in the US quickly and efficiently, allowing you to remain focused on managing your core markets.


PANEL - ”The recipe is… “
-Facilitated by Rolf Assev, Startuplab & Founders Fund

The experts give up their recipe for scaling.

Panel Participants:

  • Mik Stroyberg, Lemonsqueeze
  • Anne Worsøe, Bakken & Bæck
  • Alex Norman, Homesav & TechToronto
  • Jon Kåre Stene, Kolonial.no