Brought to you by a proud team of founders, investors and startup enthusiasts

Startup Extreme is created by the team from Angel Challenge and Startup Norway, with support and help from all our good friends in the Norwegian startup ecosystem.

Startup Extreme is a "dugnad" from all of the Norwegian startup ecosystem. Started in 2015 with a goal to support the ecosystem and build a strong and healthy startup ecosystem. 

History of Startup Extreme




Organized by Angel Challenge

With Angel Challenge we aim to accelerate Investors and Startups to help make more startup-investments happen. 

Since the start in 2015, more than 200 investors and 200 startups have been through the programs all over Norway.


Owned and initiated by Startup Norway

Startup Norway is a private impact organization started in 2011 by passionate entrepreneurs, wanting to create a stronger and more inclusive startup community.

Meet the Extreme Dream Team