Join the full 3 day invite-only Startup Extreme festival to build relationships for life with a handpicked selection of passionate guests from the Norwegian and international startup and investor ecosystem. 

Startup Extreme 2017 - Day Two - Voss - Image copyright Dan Taylor-



--- 50% sold out in 12 hours --- 

We released 100 tickets on March 21st, and 50% was sold out in 12 hours.

PS: There is an open refund date on April 26th if you change your mind.  



Get on the guest list and request your access code


If on the guest list you will be given access to buy a ticket. 


Startup Extreme 2017 - Day Two - Voss - Image copyright Dan Taylor-


Ticket purchase process and rules for 3 day pass to Startup Extreme 2018


Apply to get on the guest list

You have to be invited to the guest list before March 21st to buy your ticket. Apply early. 


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Request your access code

If you are on the guest-list you can receive your ticket access code to buy your ticket.
Get an email with your access code here. 

Note: You need to use the same email that is registered on the guest-list.
You can run the test multiple times, might be up to 5 minutes delay. 

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Buy your ticket

With limited tickets, last year was sold out in record timing. Dont miss the ticket release on march 21st for the three day pass at Startup Extreme 2018.


(Refund your ticket)

We know it can be hard to plan 3 months ahead.

There will be a refund event on 26th of April from 0800-1200 where you can receive a ticket refund no questions asked. 



Startup Extreme 2017 - Day Two - Voss - Image copyright Dan Taylor-

3 Day Pass for Startup Extreme 2018

Join an exclusive group of investors, influencers, community players & the most promising Norwegian startups. Startup Extreme is a 3 days experience to explore the opportunities within the Norwegian startup & investment landscape, in combination with extreme outdoor activities. Build relationships for life by sharing insights and networking in the Norwegian fjords. 

June 12-14th - Bergen & Voss - Norway

See 3 day program here


Prices include:

  • 3 day Festival Pass to all activities in Bergen and Voss

  • Camp dinner at Voss

  • Basic camp activities

  • Transportation during the event

  • Camp breakfasts

  • All Prices are pr. person

Not included: 

  • Accommodation/Lodging

  • Special Extreme sports with extra cost (Sky diving, rafting, mountain biking etz)

  • Additional food and drinks 
Startup Extreme 2017 - Day Two - Voss - Image copyright Dan Taylor-


5 000 NOK,-



  • You are on track to success
  • Steady growth of team and revenue
  • Has one or all of the following
    • Soon to have 10+ employees
    • Soon to have 10+ million revenue
    • Soon to have 10+ million NOK in funding


  • You are an ambitious and promising team of founders
  • You have some validation and traction to show 
  • You have a referral from a Startup Extreme partner


7 500 NOK,-


  • Want to network with a selection of the most promising Norwegian startups
  • Interested in building your investor-network of other angels and VC’s 
  • Looking for co-investing partners
  • Actively supporting growth of new companies with your knowledge and capital                                                               



15 000 NOK,-


  • You are an active corporate partner supporting the startup ecosystem
  • Partner with Startup Extreme to join the 3 day experience.
  • Entry partner price is 15 000 NOK pr head

Reach out to to discuss partnering options



5 000 NOK,-


  • You are a supporter of the startup ecosystem, waking up everyday to help founders succeed in becoming the entrepreneurial superstars of tomorrow.
  • Want to join fellow community players to strengthen the startup ecosystem and build global traction for Norway. 

Reach out to to discuss community partnership for Startup Extreme 2018





Be on the guest list to buy a ticket

You have to be on the guest list before March 21st to buy a ticket.
Tickets will be released by email if you are on the guest list. 


If you have an inquiry regarding media or partnerships, please contact

Looking for a pass to the 1 day conference June 12th only?
Tickets will be released late april.