Whether you´re a founder, investor, media, executive or just interested in digging deeper into the topics of innovation and entrepreneurship, Startup Extreme is for you.



The Startup Extreme Conference is for Nordic growth companies in all stages and industries. Whether it is meeting with Nordic and international investors, media attention or finding mentors that are on your wish list, Startup Extreme Conference is the place to go. We know how important getting the chance to meet with the right person is, and we have made sure to make room for plenty of mingling and setting up meetings in an informal setting. 

Photo by Dan Taylor/ Heisenberg Media

“Startup Extreme got us out the door and talking to potential investors and customers. We had several positive investor meetings, and feel confident we will take onboard at least one of these investors. We got our product in front of some of the largest companies in Norway - and are in discussions with two customers we met while at Startup Extreme. Without it being our focus we got several press articles about our company. These articles has lead to 10+ inbound leads from large potential customers. And to top it off one of the largest VC's in Europe has asked us for a meeting.”

Frode Jensen, CTO and co-founder of Socius, after attending Startup Extreme 2015



  • In 2015, 73% of the attending investors were international 

  • 3 investments have so far been made as a result of Startup Extreme

  • 25 articles was written about Startup Extreme 2015 and attending startups




Meet the top tech startups from the Nordics.

The Nordic startup hub is stronger than ever, with famous and strong startup scenes in Sweden and Finland, and scenes well on the rise in Denmark, Norway and Iceland.

Zendesk, Skype, Just-Eat, Opera and Klarna are all Nordic companies who have made success worldwide. At Startup Extreme you get the chance to meet the next $ 1 billion- companies.

Photo by Dan Taylor/ Heisenberg Media


  • Venture capital in the Nordics is growing at a faster rate year on year rate than both UK and Germany, and the Nordics raised $1.82 billion cumulative in 2015

  • There were only two VC backed exits above $1 billion in Europe last year, both originated from the Nordics

  • The Nordics have over 10 companies up and around the $1 billion valuation mark

Facts by The Nordic Web



Come meet the disruptors and the next generation industry leaders.

Startup Extreme has already established itself as the meeting place for established actors and new, emerging companies.

In times when digitalisation is changing most industries, it´s becoming increasingly important to get to know the new players and to keep up with the changes and new trends.

At Startup Extreme you don´t only get the chance to engage the new companies, you will also get the chance to learn from world leading corporate innovators.

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Startup Extreme offer media the chance to meet with the hottest names on the Nordic startup scene, the up-and-coming Nordic founders and Nordic decision makers, as well as interviews with the speakers flying in from all over Europe and the US.

We facilitate for you as a journalist to meet with the right person and get the story that will drive traffic and create engagement. 

Wired UK, tech.eu, The Nordic Web and TechCrunch were all present last year, resulting in more than 25 articles, ranging from founder stories, the next Nordic superstars to announcement of a $1,000,000 seed investment.

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Very Early Bird tickets are all sold out! Early Bird ticket sale for Startup Extreme Conference opens April 29th, but be quick: there will only be 50 tickets available!

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