Want to know how to piss off a VC? Jason Ball is coming to Startup Extreme to tell you.

Jason is Managing Director of Qualcomm Ventures Europe, focusing mainly on software and services. He led the team's investments in Arteris (acquired by Qualcomm), We7 (acquired by Tesco Plc.) and Videoplaza (acquired by Telstra). Other recent deals he's managed include Blippar, BitBar, Grand Cru, Fon, Peak, Wrapp and Yplan.

Prior to joining Qualcomm Ventures, Jason was an investment director at London Seed Capital, an early stage VC fund, where he focused on internet technology investments. He holds a BS in Chemistry from Mississippi College and an MBA from ESADE.

Two quick obvious but often forgotten tips from Jason

1. You are running a marathon. You don’t sprint through a marathon and you shouldn’t sprint through a startup.

2. You better look out for yourself. If you are the CEO or the founder of a company, there are a lot of people depending on you. You are the sun in the solar system.

Jason Ball/ Neil Murray

Neil S W Murray is the Founding Editor of The Nordic Web, the number one resource for data-driven analysis on the Nordic startup scene, as well as being a contributor at Tech.eu. His groundbreaking analysis of the state of the Nordic startup scene has won him both Awards and international recognition, and has led to increased attention being paid to the Nordics.

This man has an overview of all investors who has invested in the Nordic the last years, and can tell you which one you should be talking to. Neil have also predicted that the Nordics will surpass London in terms of venture capital raised within 2 years.At Startup Extreme he will talk more about the Nordic numbers.

If you cannot wait until June, here is a taste from last year, with Neil talking about why Norway need Startup Extreme.  


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