What would Startup Extreme be without sponsors?

We have the vision and (extreme) ideas, but without our partners bringing both experience and money(let´s be honest), Startup Extreme could never have happened.


But not just any partners.

Our goal is to help Nordic startups succeed and put Norway on the International startup map. For that we need to team up with the most innovative organisations and companies. Those that have a strategic plan to help strengthen the Nordic Startup scene and enable Nordic Startups to scale, and who believe that some craziness is needed to get there.

For let´s face it. It takes some craziness in order to go all in when someone pitch you an idea about bringing international investors and media to come meet Nordic startups and do extreme sports in Voss, Norway.

Some said no. But some said “ok, let´s do it”. And for that we are eternally grateful. Without these companies taking the chance on this, Startup Extreme would never have happened.


And when we contacted them again for Startup Extreme 2016, and told them we wanted to do it again, but this time make the Conference in Bergen June 15 even bigger and better, they said “Let´s do it!”.

Thank you to Innovasjon Norge, BTO, Nyskapingsparken, Highsoft and StartupLab for doing this with us again!