We know that many of you eventually will enter the US market and become the next Nordic unicorn(right?)

But what does it take to enter a new market and which elements are the most important if you want to succeed?

Introducing Lemonsqueeze, owned and operated by Founder and CEO, Mik Stroyberg.

Mik has a impressive track record as an enthusiastic and highly motivated leader with 15+ years of proven success in strategic sales, building new businesses, being the catalyst of new sales processes and experienced builder of businesses in all sizes.

This includes innovative customer strategies and clever use of strategic partnerships with companies like UN, Redbull, Nike, The Atlantic, Adidas, VICE, V Magazine, New York Times, Smithsonian and 100+ other high-end brands. As an intrapreneur at Mecom, Mik founded and grew stand-alone solutions like Sweetdeal in 5 countries and more than 80 cities and initiated the US expansion for the digital publishing company, Issuu.

Today Mik’s company Lemonsqueeze has helped more than 40 companies enter and expand in the US. Currently Lemonsqueeze houses 16 companies at their incubator, The Brass Factory, in New York. Hopefully the birth place of many unicorns!

Scott Summit/ Mik Stroyberg

Scott Summit/ Mik Stroyberg

Scott Summit is the founder of Bespoke Innovations, where the focus was to create individualised artificial limbs that the patients themselves can choose and personalise. With more than 20 patents to his name, he has held faculty positions at Stanford, Carnegie Mellon and Singularity University. He is also the founder of industrial design firm Summit ID.

He is an exceptionally popular speaker, and has spoken about innovative and disruptive tech, focusing in design, medical applications and 3D printing in talks over the whole world.  

Now he´s coming to Startup Extreme to speak about the opportunities for innovation enabled by new technologies, focusing on 3D printing:  

I'm intrigued by the opportunities afforded by new technology tools in creating customised products, based on business models previously considered unimaginable.  I'm excited by 3D printing, not for the newness of the technology, but in its effects on medicine, innovation, space travel, business models, and its potential for improvements in quality of life on a grander scale.


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