Guest post by Frode Jensen, Co-Founder and CTO of startup Socius, and also participant at last year´s Startup Extreme. Socius is closing their seed round these days.


As a startup there is an event or conference you can attend for every day of the week. As most startups we are trying to be conscious of our time and join events and conferences we think we can benefit from in terms of customers, hiring, attention, valuable connections or learning.

But when we were invited to do extreme sports with a bunch of other founders, investors and journalists at Startup Extreme, the immediate answer was Hell yes! But we didn’t buy our ticket..

Then the event started to approach.. and we realised how much time we had to spend on it. The Todo List Devil jumped on our shoulders and whispered that focusing on him was a better way to spend sunny days in June. We had just started the preparations for our fundraising round, there was severe bugs to fix, we had customer requests and several deals to close before summer holiday kicked in…

So the deliberations started on whether to spend the time, 3 whole days, at a conference. And time wise it was an easy decision: We do not have time. So we had to look for other reasons to go paragliding in Voss.


Why we decided to go, and what we got out of it

We postponed the decision as long as we could, and argued back and forth. In the end we concluded that the chance of meeting great people at an unique event like Startup Extreme, combined with the possibility of media attention was worth spending the 3 days. At the very least it could be our summer vacation that year.

So we hustled our way to free transport over to the West Coast(bootstrapping, need I say more?) and rented an Airbnb in Bergen so that we could arrange some meetings before Voss. And the event itself? We spent 3 truly unique days at Startup Extreme, doing extreme sports with what turned out to become one of our investors. 

The list of wins include:

  • Paragliding,

  • Meeting three of our investors (and a bunch of other weird and interesting people),

  • Featured in 4 articles (one in Wired UK, and one even reached the whole way to Japan)

  • Doing extreme sports with a Silicon Valley-investor on prime time TV

  • 2 new customers,

  • Did I mention we did paragliding? AND flew in a windtunnel?


The benefits of the conference were no doubt much higher than we´ve expected, and like no other conference we´ve been both before and after. To quote Robin Wauters of Even calling it an event seems out of place; ‘experience’ hits much closer to home.

Now ready to scale, we´re definitely coming back to meet with people who can help us on the way.


Media so far confirmed to attend Startup Extreme 2016 include TechCrunch, The Next Web, Arctic Startup & TV2.

Investors include Alliance Venture, Techstars, Televenture, Qualcomm Ventures, Rivet Ventures, Angel Challenge and Founders Fund.

Last year saw 3 investments and more than 25 articles as a result of Startup Extreme.


Want to attend Startup Extreme? We´re inviting a selected group of Nordic startups, investors and media to come meet and do extreme sports together.

Apply today for the chance to receive an Invite.