In times of massive changes in traditional industries like telecommunications, the long term existence of established players are challenged. How can established companies compete with the emerging companies that do not have legacy solutions to take care of?

Telenor is one of these established companies. Facing the challenge of being a commodity bit pipe, the provider of the connection to the world, they are looking both internally and externally for innovations that can give them value added services for their subscribers.

As part of Telenor's strategic ambition, last year they set a goal: By 2020, Telenor aims to have 300 million users who spend at least 10 minutes daily on their services.

As a step to achieve they recently launched an internal competition where the winners this autumn will spend 3 months in an intensive accelerator, Ignite Incubator, to develop their idea into a Minimum Viable Product. Developed based on Telenor´s work with external startup communities in their global markets, this is a radical step up in their efforts in how to foster innovation internally in Telenor.

June 15 they are coming to Startup Extreme Conference to share why they launched this initiative,  why it was structured this way and their experiences with the program so far.


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About the speaker 

Gisle Pedersen has held executive roles in Telenor, both in Norway and Malaysia, for several years.

Since January he has been Head of Innovation Program  in Telenor Norway.