The story of SX

Startup Extreme was created by passionate founders in 2015, with the goal of showcasing the Norwegian startup scene to the world. Seven years on, Norway has evolved into one of Europe's fastest growing startup ecosystems.

The time has come for Startup Extreme to take it to the next level and work towards a new mission:

Building a more connected startup ecosystem

We believe that true connections don't happen in office meeting rooms, on video calls, or at traditional events and conferences; but when people are put in situations that allow them to be real, authentic, and a little outside of their comfort zones. So what better arena to meet upcoming startup founders, eager investors, and curious corporations.

A group of people walking in line with their alpin ski on the shoulder. photographer: Kalle Hägglund


Setting the stage to showcase the best from our startup ecosystem, the link to extreme sports is an obvious choice. Risking your life padling a river might seem like insanity to many, yet in Norway it viewed as nobel. A mentality our Norwegian entrepreneurs bring to their startup creations.

Thats why we say that "Startup Extreme is only for people with Extreme Startup Mentality".
Since 2015, Startup Extreme has been on a mission to showcase our many hidden startup secrets to the world. In 2017 more than 500 participants visited the conference in Bergen, and 250 joined the festival in Voss.

what they say

"It’s hard to capture in words how amazing this inaugural event was. Even calling it an event seems out of place;  'experience' hits much closer to home"

"One of the best tech events to attend in June"

"Startup Extreme sported the perfect mix of activity and downtime to give its participants an opportunity to have the sort of deep conversations that makes this type of event worth while"