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Who are we — really?

Startup Extreme was created by Startup Norway in 2015 with a mission to showcase the Norwegian startup scene internationally and professionalize the Norwegian startup ecosystem—ultimately, to support the next generation of great, world-conquering, Norwegian companies.

At the heart of Startup Extreme is a deep commitment to building our startup ecosystem and supporting founders from our region. We do this by showcasing the most promising Norwegian startups to international investors and the press. Our goal is to push Norway towards becoming an internationally influential startup ecosystem.

Today, Norway has the fastest growing tech scene in the Nordics and Oslo is emerging as a contender to become the next startup capital of Europe. Supporting the philosophy behind why Startup Extreme was established—the growth we are seeing in Norway only strengthens our belief in this startup ecosystem. Now, in its fifth year, Startup Extreme represents true startup DNA—real, authentic, and a little crazy. We love to create experiences that give you a “zen-like” feeling to take your mind off work but support your goals being achieved in ways you can’t replicate in the office, on conference calls, or at traditional conferences.

We are all about community and developing a bond that goes deep—natural connections that are almost spiritual.

Essentially we—being a startup ourselves—build events we’d love to attend.



The Beginning


2015 was the year the first Startup Extreme was kicked-off.

On June 15th in Bergen, Hightech Norway, opened to everyone—gathering the top influencers and leaders working within innovation. More than 300 people attended, making it the largest innovation conference on the west coast of Norway.

June 17th—19th, marked the private part of the conference—taking place in Voss—the extreme sports capital of Norway. We gathered the best Nordic startups, international investors, media, and other stakeholders in the European and US startup ecosystem for extreme sports and shared experiences in Norwegian nature.



Merging conference and festival


In 2016, we merged the conference—Hightech Norway and the festival at Voss into a conferestival (Conference + festival). Some argued—is it allowed to call something Conferestival? Well, we don't know—but we did and launched the world’s most extreme startup conferestival.

On the 15-17th of June 2016, the H.K.H Crown Prince of Norway opened Startup Extreme with a ceremonial flag planting on a sunny day in Bergen—and the Startup Extreme tradition was born.



Merging conference and festival


In 2017, we surpassed all expectations by hosting 500 participants at the conference in Bergen and 250 attendees at the summit in Voss. We even caught the attention of 11 national and international newspapers as well as hundreds of thousands of social media users. In the words of Forbes, it was, "One of Europe's best tech conferences in June!"



Getting international traction


In 2018, investors and press traveled from 6 continents and more than 30 countries to attend Startup Extreme. Press coverage was the best in the history of Startup Extreme with over 25 international journalists, representing both tech and traditional media. Big brands like Fortune, Business Insider, Inc., Fast Company, Forbes, and The Program joined us for the Startup Extreme experience. In addition, several startups met their future investors at Startup Extreme—the program focusing on “scaling up” stood out as an important facilitator.



To The Next Extreme


After several years with the conference in Bergen and summit in Voss, it was time to take some big leaps. Lisa Marie Nyvoll enters as our CEO leading the new journey we’ll take together with the world’s largest extreme sports festival—Ekstremsportveko!