Activities 2023

Networking the Norwegian Way

Fill your journey to Hemsedal with activities in the Wild Alps of The Nordics, and connect on a deeper level than you ever have experienced on a conference before.

Norwegians are silent people in their daily routines. But meet us in our true wild habitats of Norwegian nature, and we become a different species all together.

Thats why the Startup Extreme Experience is Networking the Norwegian Way.

three skiiers talking on the top of the mpuntain.
A picture of a man snow kiting.
A women with pink jacket climbing the mountains of Hemsedal
Two people climbing on a wall indoors.

Find your Extreme Networking event for this years Startup Exteme

Booking of activities will be made available inside your ticket in Feb 2024.

The Official SX Ski Race with The Factory

Join us for an exciting parallel-slalom race at StartupExtreme!Are you ready to challenge yourself and other entrepreneurs in parallel-slalom competition in one of Norway's most beautiful ski slopes? Then this event is for you!
The parallel slalom race at StartupExtreme gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills and have fun with other entrepreneurs in an amazing environment.

Price: 23 EUR / 220 NOK
Via Ferrata

Via ferrata climbing

Not for those with a fear of heights! On a Via Ferrata trip, you follow a metal wire and climb on the side of the mountain all the way to the top. A great feeling of accomplishment and a beautiful view as a reward.

Sold out

A picture of a man snow kiting.


Imagine a wind powered private lift to escort you across snow-covered lakes and hillsides. Welcome to an introduction to snow kiting in Hemsedal. No rigging necessary - we’ve done that for you.

Sold out

A man skydiving.


The ultimate extreme activity!
Experience sky diving and enjoy the beautiful view of Hemsedal at your feet. We offer both tandem and fun jumps.

Sold out

A blond girl getting down the mountains with cart. Fotografer: Kalle Hægglund

Mountain carts

Another fun way to get down the mountain. We drive on gravel roads and the only thing you have to think about is breaking in time. Safety equipment will be handed out on the spot.

Price: 94 EUR / 895 NOK
Huskies jumping

Dog sledding

Experience the adrenalin and the beautiful views with husky power on wheels. The guide will drive the carts and you will sit and enjoy a short ride. There will also be time to cuddle with the huskies in the dog farm, and enjoy some lunch whilst networking with fellow extremers!

Sold out

Ice bathing

Join the local Ice Bathing and Wim Hof practitioner in an extraordinary experience in the local green river. He will lead you through a session of breathing and swimming in the ice cold river. Bring a towel and warm clothes.

Sold out

three skiiers talking on the top of the mpuntain.

Alpine skiing in the slopes

Come join your fellow extremes as we take to the slopes! Whether you prefer alpine or snowboarding, it´s up to you. But when in Hemsedal you should test the Norwegian alpes! Bring your own or rent equipment there!

Price: Requires valid skipass

Ice Bathing & Sauna

We will offer two different ice bathing experiences. (1) River ice bathing and sauna. (2) Join our Wim Hof instructor for a unique breathing workshop followed by cold exposure in a pool and eventually a nice, warm sauna. Bring a swimsuit, towel and warm clothes.

Price: 23 EUR / 220 NOK
A group of people hike walking

Mystery walk

Take a walk, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hemsedal. Network and partake in some mystery activities with your fellow walkers. You need warm clothes, something to drink, and maybe a snack.

Sold out

A crowd of people in a randonne trip

Randonne tour - Beginner

Even though you have no prior experience a local guide will bring you on a safe and amazing ski trip in the mountains. Imagine the breathtaking view after climbing one of Hemsedal's tops before sliding down the mountains. Bring ski equipment and a backpack with room for extra clothing, snacks, and water.

Price: 115 EUR / 1,100 NOK
Man walking up the mountains with the sun in the background. Fotografer: Nils- Erik Björholt

Randonne tour - Moderate

For those that have more experience. A local guide is provided and takes you on a more challenging route in the mountains.Bring ski equipment and a backpack with room for extra clothing, snacks/food, and water.

Price: 115 EUR / 1,100 NOK
Alpine skiing with deel

Race competition with Deel

DEEL is hosting a skiing and snowboard race competition with the chance to win cool prizes. This race is suitable for everyone, and you wont need to buy a skipass to attend this event. You do however need to bring your own skies and clothes.

Price: Free
Two people climbing on a wall indoors.

Indoor climbing wall

Embrace your inner child by bouldering on the large area in the climbing center or try to master some of the many routes on the 14-meter-high climbing wall. Will you reach the top?

Price: Drop- in
Coffee beans with spoon and a coffee tasting file. Photographer:

Coffee tasting workshop

Learn, un-learn, re-learn all about the unique tastes of specialty coffee with Scandinavian Alps Coffee. Roasters.

Price: 51 EUR / 485 NOK

Yoga & Spa

Start your day with some yoga while looking over the mountains. Walk straight into the new spa with saunas, indoor and outdoor pool and end it all with some healthy lunch.

Price: 23 EUR / 220 NOK
A crowd of people smliling an dancing.
Photo cred: Michael Ortenheim.

Morning beat

We welcome everyone to experience the dance floor filled with electronic music and happy dancing, people in the early morning hours. Join the sober rave; Morning Beat! Don't worry - there will be a glitter stand!

Price: 23 EUR / 220 NOK
A group of people giving each other high five in a wooden hot tub.

Jacuzzi and storytelling

For local musician Knut Fausko it is important to convey the cultural heritage through music and storytelling. Enjoy his unique stories, music on “hardingfele” and a  refreshing dip in the hot tub. 

4 men standing in the lake while one of them jumping in.

Sauna and ice bath

Get hot and sweaty before cooling down in the rough Norwegian nature. For those with Viking blood it will be possible to go for a dip in the river. 

Two people standing in front of each other in red alpin outfits with mountains covered with snow.

Alpine skiing

Enjoy your day in the slopes in Norway’s second biggest ski resort. You will find slopes with different difficulties and surely find your favourite too. 

Price: -

Heli Sightseeing

Experience the amazing view of Hemsedal from above! Enjoy a 10 minute sightseeing tour over the many mountain tops.

Price: 23 EUR / 220 NOK