Director -Sustainability, Ocean & Communication,

Oslo Business Region


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Together with the Oslo startup eco system, we develop and facilitate events, networks and tools to lower the barriers for starting and growing, and to position the city of Oslo as an internationally preferred hub for startups and entrepreneurs.

Birgit Liodden is among the most profiled young shipping female executives globally and fronted the first public #MeToo discussions in shipping. For the past 10 years she has promoted the next generation, diversity, sustainability and the need for change across the maritime industry. She holds board roles in The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue, RS Sea Rescue Academy, Bellona. Her maritime background includes 5 years in Wilh. Wilhelmsen head office, working on global HR&IT projects, and 4,5 years as an entrepreneur, working with a.o. Nor-Shipping, OECD, Wilh.Maritime Services and Sea Trucks Nigeria.  She was awarded Shipping Name of The Year in Norway (2012), and was a finalist for World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders 2018.