Ecosystem Summit


Join us for Ecosystem Summit at Startup Extreme! Ecosystem Summit, founded in 2016 by Anne Driscoll and Chris Schultz of Launch Pad, started as a grassroots gathering of leaders at Web Summit and has turned into a year-long program offering multiple chances for startup ecosystem leaders to gather, share, and learn from one another.

After the inaugural roundtable discussions, it became clear that many ecosystems, no matter size or scale, face similar challenges and can gain insight from one another through open conversations and in-person forums—a realization that just begins to scratch the surface of the valuable lessons ecosystem leaders can bring to the table.

Today, Ecosystem Summit offers a unique cross-section of perspective and learnings from economic developers, corporate representatives, community leaders, startup founders, and investors at each Summit. Throughout the year we connect with the world’s leading events to offer a unique experience that encourages engagement and solutioning around the pressing issues and opportunities faced by ecosystem leaders. We’re excited to join forces with Startup Extreme to offer a unique format to Ecosystem Summit— providing an opportunity for our community to experience a discovery-focused event that starts on the trek from Oslo to Voss and leads to Startup Extreme after the Summit!

When: The morning of Startup Extreme, June 24, 2019
Where: The Bergen line from Oslo to Voss

Application deadline: Expired