Leveling up with Ekstremsportveko!

In 2019 we are joining forces with the Ekstremsportveko festival (extreme sports week), or “Veto” as it is commonly called by locals. This is the largest extreme sports festival in the world, and Startup Extreme 2019 will be there.

15 000 attendees. 700 volunteers. 1500 athletes, 43 different nations and last year the Norwegian prime minister opened the festival and rafted afterwards!

For one whole week athletes compete and challenge themselves in kayaking, rafting, mtb/bmx, skateboarding, skydiving, paragliding, hanggliding, multi-sport, free ride, big air, climbing, speed riding, cliff diving, bike trial, wind tunnel, BASE and long-boarding.


So why this oddball collaboration?

In the sports world, Extreme sports have long been thought of as the unconventional rebel, the edgy alternative to mainstream pursuits. The essence of Extreme sports is that it's less about competing with opponents and more about competing with yourself. Facing your fears. Defying gravity. Moving with the earth. There is a profound passion within Extreme athletes that you won’t find in other sports.

Things are not all that different from Entrepreneurs. This same passion to face fear head on and push themselves to succeed at feats others have never tried are also qualities found in every successful entrepreneur.


A lot in common!

“Extreme sports and entrepreneurship has a lot in common and even more to learn from each other. A definition of extreme sport is a sport where an athlete have to put down a considerate amount of time and effort to minimize risk. In extreme sports you don’t get really good without involving other people and sharing knowledge. Extreme sport athletes are insanely good at just this! They always evaluates and shares experiences and knowledge to avoid having accidents happenings more than once. Entrepreneurs have to do the same. Stronger together, right?”

- Kjetil Kriken, CEO of Ekstremsportsveko