Venture Partner, Saastr


“I've had the fortune of being on several high performing teams in various high stakes arenas -investment banking, private equity, venture-backed startup, social enterprise, rugby (yes, rugby) - on three continents and on both coasts of the US.

In both business and sports, team is a fundamental unit of success (and happiness) and team dynamics are often equally important as the skills of the individual team members.

Since moving to San Francisco and founding Teamable with others who share the dream of using data to better build the teams that build tomorrow, I've had the fortune of getting an insider view into how the most elite organizations in the world with the most difficult hiring challenges maintain a competitive hiring and team building advantage by leveraging the information in their employees' networks.

Now we're working on bringing that methodology to the world - finding the exact right teammates for every team and through that achieving our vision of connecting people to work they love with people they love.”