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Extreme entrepreneurship: From Pyongyang to Beirut

Get geared up with your second Startup Extreme day by hearing behind-the scenes views about the on-the-ground realities in North Korea and Lebanon. This keynote covers a foreigner's daily life in Pyongyang while doing startup events such as Pyongyang Startup Week. The talk will further shed light on the local economy and people's mindset in the country.

The second part focuses of a presentation of the North Korea work’s spinoff: The WTSUP (Women Tech Startup) Beirut initiative that aims to support female-driven tech ventures in Lebanon and promote equality and equal opportunities for all. The talk is concluded how science diplomacy and educational engagement, blended with local cultural settings in these tough environments, could be supportive peacebuilding ways to ease the tensions both in the Korean peninsula and the Middle-East.

Dr. Jukka-Pekka Heikkilä is a Fellow of Royal Society (UK), a Fellow of British Academy and a Fellow of Academy of Finland who works in Aalto University School of Business (Finland) and at Stanford University as a visiting scholar. Between 2012 and 2017, he taught the first international business, international management, entrepreneurship, and leadership courses in North Korea and is the co-founder of WTSUP Beirut platform. His work has been published in a top tier academic journals and featured in Financial Times. In Finland, Jukka-Pekka is engaged with The Shortcut initiative that aims to integrate immigrants to the Finnish society via community-driven tech entrepreneurship education and a founder of Startup Circus that is combining traditional pitching event format with a variety of arts.

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