Business Developer at Agera


Kremena Tosheva is a business developer and a tech evangelist currently curating Agera Ventures portfolio of growth companies. Kremena has a solid experience in building digital and physical communities and been an active force in the Norwegian tech eco-system through her previous job at Oslotech, the managing company of Oslo Science Park. Kremena is the entrepreneur behind one of Norway's largest science and tech business jams - The Cutting Edge festival. Kremena is passionate about building businesses and helping them reach their full potential.

The Agera Group was founded in 2016 with a dual mission to accelerate scale-ups on their growth journey (Agera Venture) and to accelerate established businesses through innovation consulting (Agera Consulting). This hybrid design builds a bridge and actively explores synergies between innovative scale-ups and established corporations.

“We believe that through active ownership and direct involvement in our portfolio companies we increase their chance of success. Our goal is to cover a gap in investments between seed capital and private equity funds.”