Startup founder, CEO, and Investor with 10+ years of building and growing companies in Scandinavia and the United States. Now expanding the first global startup stock exchange to introduce tradable private investments in the Nordics.

“Liquidity, when it comes to start-up investing, is amongst the primary challenges shared between early-stage start-up investors; not just in Scandinavia but throughout the world. But with us, ticket sizes are small and, and we provide the ability to sell some of the purchased assets before an exit event — which can significantly foster start-up investment in the region and across borders.

To me, this shows that Funderbeam is not just a crowdfunding or trading platform. It is so much more and creates value for everyone involved — the companies, the investors and the leads. We guide companies through their fundraising process and we stay involved for the long-run.” - Funderbeam.com