Founding Partner, SNÖ


Growing up with 8 bit computers and floppy disks in the 80s, and being part of the Internet revolution through the pioneer company New Media Science in the 90s, Teo has over 20 years of experience as a developer and designer, now turned VC looking to invest and support passionate entrepreneurs.

He has previous founded IXD, a leading UX company working for major brands. Before he co-founded SNÖ with Magne, he also worked as a angel investor.

The backdrop of SNÖ.

We have a very proud heritage of explorers and expeditions in Norway. The likes of Fridtjof Nansen, Roald Amundsen and Thor Heyerdahl have led the way in the discovery of the North Pole, South Pole and other adventurous routes.

At SNÖ, we like to think of entrepreneurs as quite similar to explorers; they challenge the existing rules to create new knowledge and they have to be brave and bold. Think about it – an explorer and a startup-founder both have to make great plans, they need to be visionary, cope with all the unexpected bumps in the road, pivot into new routes, have the stamina and make the team follow them.

As many of the expeditions are made in the Arctic and Antarctica, and our VC represent cold Norway and the Nordics throughout in the world, we had to call it SNÖ. SNÖ is Scandinavian for ”snow”.

My top 3 EXTREMES so far have to be visiting the Antarctica traveling the Drake Passage into the icy Weddell Sea as part of the The Explorers Club Flag Expedition #60, deep diving the Red Sea outside Egypt and the opportunity to co-pilot the Hawk Fighter Jet with the Royal Air Force.