Hi there! Let’s get to know each other.

Lisa Nyvoll.png

Lisa Marie Nyvoll


I am well equipped to manage a company which highlights extreme sports, I once broke my back in the line of duty and that’s nowhere near as extreme as being responsible for 1000 people in Voss.


Maja Adriaensen.png

Maja Adriaensen

Founder & Chairman

I closed the last sponsors for the first Startup Extreme while giving birth. Early when I was pregnant I read the book by Sheryl Sandberg “lean in” and there she has one advice that I noticed “Don’t leave your job before you actually need to leave it”. I take that advice very literally.



Knut Wien


When the spring comes, I run barefoot in meetings. My engineering mind loves to explore the opposites of the common norms in society, and well - having build Startup Extreme since 2015, you should not be surprised that its slightly outside your expected conference format.


Thomas Refvik.png

Thomas Refvik

Creative Director

A wise woman (yes, my mom) once told me: you can’t have too many interests. Good advice or not, I kinda took her up on it… In short, you could say I’m an outdoor adventurer, photographer, and musician with a hefty sprinkle of tech geek and business savvy. I believe in people more than anything, and that greatness often comes from unexpected places and situations. Let’s fall into some greatness together at Startup Extreme!



Bjørn Lapakko

Program and Operations

I subscribe to the school of thought that if something challenges you, puts you in an uncomfortable position, and empowers you to overcome it—then it’s something worth pursuing with vigor and positivity. Committing to this philosophy is how I ended up in beautiful Norway with Startup Extreme! The most engaging and revitalizing event in Europe, which helps people explode (literally) out of their comfort zone and into fully embracing Nordic startup culture.


Charlotte Saxegård.png

Charlotte Saxegård

Sales & Partnerships

I love strenuous physical adventures! When I do things that are physically & mentally exhausting like running an ultramarathon through epic mountains or sailing in stormy weather in the Norwegian fjords, it gives me the energy I need to handle the stress of my everyday life. Life is to short for a 9 to 5 job. Startup Extreme is not for those who seek that.


Nina Magnussen.png

Nina Magnussen


Last summer I walked for 25 days straight, 556 kilometers, from Hønefoss to Trondheim in Norway - That is quite far. I might do the same from Oslo to Startup Extreme this year!


Martine Rooth Bråthen.png

Martine R. Bråthen


I think that extreme, is what I strive to be in everything I do. I lived in Grenoble once, and the last month I discovered that I hadn’t enough money to pay my rent. So I quit the apartment, spent the money I had on an interrail ticket and just lived as a nomade instead.


Line Steiro.png

Line Steiro

PR & Media

I like to seek the extreme; that’s why I compete in a sport where you’re allowed to hit each other, find myself rushing down snowy mountains from time to time, and work for a company that celebrates extreme mentality.


Sonja Uri.png

Sonja Uri

Customer Experience

So while I dig through my list of old memories and stories to find the ONE to share with you guys, I will at least give you a quote to live by:
”Life is for living, so why not push yourself?” - To be continued!