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Growth Challenge
VC Edition


Join the VC Challenge at Startup Extreme and maximize your value from participating. The VCs attending this year's Startup Extreme are managing 100 MNOK to 1BNOK size funds recently raised and have a specific focus on the Nordic region.

By joining our 3 sessions you will know what it means being VC-ready by learning how VC funding work, what they look for, and how the typically VC deal looks like. Together we analyze which VC’s that are coming and preparing you to make the best and most extreme first impression

*Only for startups with high funding ambitions.


Session 1
Understanding VC funding

Thursday June 6th @ Oslo - 10.00-16.00

Is your company set up for high growth and expansion? Together we run your startup through a VC’s health check and make sure you have the right story and knows what VC’s look for.



Session 2
Preparing the deal

Friday June 7th @ Oslo - 10.00 - 16.00

At what terms would you accept a VC investment? Draft the key deal points you would like to offer. Learn about the VC valuation method, the standard terms on VC investment deals and VC terminology.



Session 3
Plan your SX19 journey

Sunday June 23rd @ Bergen - 10.00 - 16.00

Research who comes to Startup Extreme. Get an understanding of their investment criteria, internal structure, and investment needs. Create a list of the most relevant people to meet and create a plan on how to meet them!



Startup Extreme

Mon June 24th - Wed 26th

Create life-lasting memories and new connections under extreme circumstances. Prepare yourself for the most exciting part of your fundraising campaign. Join matchmaking workshops, extreme sports, bonfire panels and other events happening at SX19 and get help along the way!


Who can join

Registered Norwegian tech startup

Seeking 5MNOK or more in funding

High growth and expansion ambitions

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Cost & application

Only need to cover own ticket, travel & accommodations

Program in partnership with Innovation Norway

Application deadline 26th of May