Deal flow - in the forest…?

Investors at Startup Extreme range from venture capitalists to angel investors, corporate venturing, family offices, and limited partners. They have a variety of focus areas and different primary purposes of attending. Besides from enjoying adrenaline pumping activities and traditionally cooked sheep’s head: Deal flow. Helping the current portfolio. Connecting with other investors. Media exposure. Meeting limited partners. We work to ensure that each objective is looked after not only at Startup Extreme, but throughout the year, as we work closely with investors in and wanting to tap into the Nordic Market.

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The fastest growing tech scene in the Nordics

The Nordics are now representing almost 10% of global billion dollar exits and 33% of Europe’s. While having a little slow start, Norway has risen to become the fastest growing ecosystem in the Nordics in terms of startup investments. Looking further ahead, the pipeline of promising early-stage startups is filling up fast as the ecosystem matures and the, now successful, founders give back to the community and help the next wave get to scale and shape the world of tomorrow.