Writer, television and radio host, and motivational speaker


A journalist, host and speaker, Xandria Ooi grew up in one of the sunniest parts of the world, Malaysia. Her writing career started in high school and all through university, where she wrote articles for the leading English newspaper in the country, The Star publications, and was a columnist for a bi-weekly column called "Sights & Sounds" for 12 years.  

After her returned home studying for her degree in Australia, she pursued journalism and entertainment in writing, producing and hosting. Her first book, “Love, Work and Everything in Between” was published in 2009. She expanded her journalism skills into television, where she hosted and produced food and travel programs broadcasted around South East Asia, on the Asian Food Channel.

When Malaysia’s first women’s station, CapitalFM was launched, Xandria helmed the breakfast show conducting interviews and telling stories that served as a platform to empowering women.

In 2016, Xandria turned her writing into 2-minute daily videos that carried reminders and perspectives on positive living and happiness. The videos took the online world by storm as the messages in her videos resonated with millions all over the world, earning her the title Happiness Guru.

Xandria has a 30-day happiness program available online and her international audience is the reason she travels regularly for speaking engagements, workshops and trainings. Her second book, “Be Happy Always - Simple Practices For Overcoming Life’s Challenges and Living Each Day with Joy” is slated for worldwide release on the 15th of August 2019.