Norways large public climate fund travels with the wind to Startup Extreme

Close to nature, Simen Malmin from Nysnø kites to Startup Extreme
Simen preparing to Travel the mountain rout to Startup Extreme
Published on
April 19, 2024

As a climate investor with a vision for a green future, Simen aims to go forward with a good example and inspire other to travel green to Startup Extreme.

For Nysnø Climate Investments, investments are about creating value based on technology, calculated risk, and climate-friendly solutions. The same ingredients are taken by Nysnø's newly hired Simen Malmin when he makes the journey to Hemsedal to participate in Startup Extreme.

Nysnø´s mission is to make profitable, long-term investments that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases. We aim to create positive ripple effects in society and accelerate the green transition.

Experienced Kiter

Simen is an experienced kiter, and this year he has chosen to make an alternative entrance to Startup Extreme by letting the power of the wind carry him over the mountains from Finse to Hemsedal. With the trip, he naturally seeks fantastic nature experiences, and to experience up close how the new snow changes the landscape. Simen wants to inspire action by showing that we can all take responsibility for reducing our own greenhouse gas emissions.

See Simens LIVE travel

You can follow Simens travel coordinates when he journeys across the mountains: 

Simen will travel from the train station on Finse - across the mountains to Hemsedal

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To Startup Extreme to talk about climate and the big financing needed.

At the conference, Simen seek like-minded entrepreneurs, company builders, and potential co-investors.

He looks forward to participating in the panel discussing challenges with scaling and financing climate technology.

2.nd time with Kite to Startup Extreme

For Simen, traveling to Startup Extreme by kite is nothing new. In 2017 he took the water-way from Stavanger to Bergen.

Simen and a friend traveling from Stavanger to Bergen for Startup Extreme 2017

Two times a tradition? 

This is not the first time Simen Traveld to STar

How will Simen travel to Startup Extreme next year? And maybe you want to join? 

Find him at the conference and talk about traveling the Nysnø way:

Contact Simen at (and phone: 975 70 453).

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