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Since 2015, thousands of startups, investors, community organizers and innovators have gathered at Startup Extreme to inspire to startup success, and build a culture of positive change-making. We are the extreme visionaries that believe anything is possible, and are thrilled to share our stories.


The Innovation Journey: From LAN Parties to Million-NOK Apps

In the realm of tech innovation, every idea has the potential to spark a revolution. For Rada Labs, what began with a LAN party and several hackathons has flourished into a mission to transform the digital landscape. This journey transcends mere app creation, focusing instead on redefining engagement through our pioneering SaaS solutions. As we prepare for Startup Extreme, our goals are clear: to secure the investment needed for scaling our SaaS solution and to build connections that could blossom into valuable customer relationships and strategic partnerships.

Two forces seek to create impactful connections - Startup Extreme and The Conduit

On Tuesday 9th April, there will be a gathering within the beautiful walls of The Conduit Oslo to meet and mingle with those who will be heading to Hemsedal or who are just curious to know more about Startup Extreme. With both companies having goals to move the Norwegian ecosystem to the forefront of the global market, this is a partnership and collaboration that just makes sense.
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A good relationship with your target media is always the center of a successful PR strategy. For many, this is hard, because they have never been in touch with journalists, they don’t know how a newsroom works, or they don’t know how to find new, relevant contacts to build relationships with. Read up what our partner San Francisco Agency says.
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Startup Norway: "we connect all actors in the startup ecosystem"

How startups, companies can collaborate with public authorities and how the Romanian entrepreneurial ecosystem is seen from Norway, a European country well known for the support it has been offering for at least a decade through the grant program, aimed at helping sustainable development of business? Janna Goncharova, Head of Scale Up Studio at Startup Norway and Sean Jayven Ramiro Aguinaldo, Partnerships & Program Manager Startup Norway, gave us answers.
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How to get your startup featured in TechCrunch? Come find out!

Startups often find themselves juggling multiple hats in their quest for success. From developing new products to securing funding, the journey is nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. We know it’s hard to get everything done, but we’re telling you: You need to have PR top of mind when growing your startup.
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Large shortage of ICT competence in Norway

4,700 new employees could have been hired by an Abelia member during 2023, but the companies were unable to find them.
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Artificial Intelligence - Real Urgency

It is concerning that very few Norwegian businesses have embraced artificial intelligence to develop new and competitive solutions, writes Øystein Søreide.
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Keeping AI cost effective in the move to cloud

AI is an incredibly promising and powerful technology, but certainly needs to be deployed as efficiently and effectively as possible in the short term to avoid the technicalities becoming time consuming in the long-term.
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Skal knekke Silicon Valley-koden: –  En «fast track» for global skalering (NOR)

Når nordiske selskaper skal prøve lykken i den amerikanske teknologihovedstaden, trengs både riktig tankesett og nettverk. Det skal Innovasjon Norges skaleringsprogram bidra til.
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How 8 full-time-students are organizing Norway's biggest student pitching competition

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the competition being hosted by Start Norge, and celebrates so by a new format. Five different cities in Norway will host regional qualifiers where participants can pitch with an idea or startup - to potentially advance to the semi finals at Startup Extreme, the largest startup tech conference in Norway set in the beautiful Norwegian Alps of Hemsedal.
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Large Language Models Use Cases: Unlocking Business Potential

In recent years, Large Language Models (LLMs) have emerged as a transformative force in various industries. Their diverse applications range from automating mundane tasks to generating creative content, thus significantly impacting productivity, innovation, and user experience. This article explores the myriad use cases of LLMs in different sectors.
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5 Reasons to Attend Startup Extreme

Dive into an event that's shaping the future of entrepreneurship and innovation

She has 30 years of AI experience. Now she want to inspire startups to supercharge the business

The Senior Tech Leader is coming to Startup Extreme, looking back at 30 years of experience with AI and algorithms research, and believing that it is just taking off!
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Grown from 2 to 20 employees in two years. Tripletex has been there along the way.

Simplifai makes a living from automating tasks and streamlining the everyday lives of other companies. They were both picky and demanding when choosing a system. In the end, they found exactly what they needed in Tripletex.
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NVCA invites you to "PE FOR BREAKFAST" before Startup Extreme

FEBRUARY 27: "PE FOR BREAKFAST" hosted ny NVCA - "Is the CVC's role becoming more valuable in today's market?"
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SX2024 - Challenge Accepted!

Startup Extreme's topic of 2024 - Taking on the extreme challenges ahead!