Anna Ratala

CEO & Co-founder of Zvook
Business leader and tech enthusiast. A bold entrepreneur not afraid of challenges but inspired by them. A huge believer in the power of storytelling. Founded a venture-backed startup Building the world's most active platform democratizing access to podcast advertising. Excited to help brands talk to their potential customers through stories shared by today's most compelling storytellers: podcasters. Previously, as the Founder and Head of Slush Singapore, a leading tech startup event and a global movement, I channeled my passion for startups into helping the next generation of entrepreneurs forward. In three years, Slush Singapore gathered 7,000 international attendees to an event built from the ground up with volunteers and community partners. Foodie, a big lover of travel, and a self-proclaimed wine connoisseur, love getting my workout in. My mantra? Get up. Smile. Chase dreams. Repeat. Wanted to be C-lady, corporate career learned in Finland Singapur 8 years sales career became good, joint management started to learn the ecosystem, not a tech person Antler- knew CEO Community partner for Slush met co-founder (CTO) storyteller Zvook - investors from the Nordics story on starting without king no-one in the pandemic raised Pre-seed straight after pandemic VC in Danmark seed round angel checks coming now in august NY and Valley Would love to join and share angles: 1- future of audio how brand are looking customers- people always need their product is always interesting 2- founder story: move across the ocean, how to start, to build no team, no money, no connection woman not too fluffy, Inso, but takeaways potential: workshop keynote for startups founder stories fuckup stories
Anna  Ratala