LET´s meet at basecamp
basecamp is the networking ARena of Startup Extreme. Here you can find food courts, bonfires, The matchmaking and meeting booking tent and stands, just outside the 3 main stages at Stavkroa.

Stavkroa - Hemsedal
Day 1: 1200-1830  
Day 2: 1300-1730

PRogram at Basecamp

Welcome to the BAsecamp - where you connect and hang out with fellow extremers.


Basecamp PROGRAM - DAY 1

Wed April 24

1200 - Doors open for foodcourt and the main-stands

Grab a lunch snack in the food court on your way to one of the stages.

1200-1445 - Food and calm atmosphere in Basecamp

The camp with stands, food-court and hangout is open for those who want to escape the main stage.

1445-1545 - Basecamp kickoff

Lets all gather in the basecamp for the first time. With a break on the main -stages, we enjoy connecting in the basecamp.


1545-1715 - Main stage program-time - less activity in base-camp.

1715-1830 - Basecamp Afterski  - Hosted by Mesh Community

Finally we are all together in good company for food, drinks, light entertainment and the afternoon sun! 
(Yes -it is always sun at Startup Extreme :-D) 

1830 - Basecamp Closes

- Basecamp is closed, but the day has just started. Go enjoy a reception side-event or a private dinner, and come back to Stavkroa for the legendary Singa Karaoke night at 2130...


Basecamp PROGRAM - DAY 2

Thurs April 25

Coming back from Extreme Activities, the Startup Extreme Basecamp is welcoming you with food, stands and place to hang out.

1300 - Doors open for foodcourt and the main-stands

1300-1445 - Main stage program is on - (Basecamp less active)

The camp with stands, food-court and matchmaking is open.

1500-1545 - Basecamp kickoff day 2

Lets all gather in the basecamp. With a break on the main-stages we enjoy connecting in the basecamp.

1545-1700 - Networking, stands and food in basecamp

1730 - Basecamp Closes - A dinner-event awaits you.

  • Select a dinner inside your ticket - Read about the dinner here: ALL EVENTS

stands at basecamp

Connect with Partners and starups at their stands in the the basecamp. stands are open both conference days.
Make sure to visit both days, as all the startup-stands are new every day.

Want to have a stand? 
- Startup´s can apply until April 18th.  
- Or Partner with Startup extreme.

Opening time: 
Day 1: 1200-1830
Day 2: 1300-1730

Where: Basecamp at Stavkroa


Enjoy food from local vendors in Hemsedal

Opening time: 
Day 1: 1200-1830
Day 2: 1300-1730

Where: Basecamp at Stavkroa
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MATCHmaking tent

Book a table to connect with fellow extremers

Opening time: 
Day 1: 1445-1830
Day 2: 1330-1700

Where: Basecamp at Stavkroa


Enjoy close conversations on your favourite topics at the bonfire pits. The bonfire "stage" is an inviting 20 person meeting-zone with a pre-defined conversation. The hosts are partners, startups, investors etz.

Find your bonfire-sessions here: stage-program

Basecamp at Stavkroa
Bonfire 1
Bonfire 2

3 Main Stages

The 3 main-stages are located around the Basecamp.
Enjoy 2 days of tech-conference stage program-

Explore stage program here: stage-program

AROUNT the Basecamp at Stavkroa
1: MAIN STAGE - AFterski
2: Main Stage - tentstage
3: Pitching stage