Jacqueline Nuwame

Founder, Minimal AB

Jacqueline Nuwame, CEO & Founder of Minimal, has embarked on a deeply personal mission to revolutionize the way society addresses menopause, a topic often shrouded in silence and stigma. Her journey into entrepreneurship is complemented by a proven track record in marketing and brand engagement. At Earin, she led efforts to revitalize the product line, achieving over 500 million impressions and securing 1% of the market share through innovative marketing strategies. Similarly, as the manager of social media initiatives for Manulife Financial, Nuwame significantly expanded the brand's digital presence, engaging 30,000 new users and dramatically increasing social media followers.

These experiences have not only honed her skills in driving brand growth but also fueled her passion for creating a supportive and inclusive environment for women navigating menopause, making Jacqueline Nuwame a visionary leader in both the tech and wellness industries.

Jacqueline Nuwame


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