Pontus Stråhlman

Voima Ventures

Pontus Strahlman stands at the crossroads of innovation and entrepreneurship, driving forward the FoodTech domain at Voima Ventures with a keen eye on transformative technologies. A seasoned entrepreneur and angel investor, his journey is defined by a commitment to bridging groundbreaking scientific research with commercial success. At Voima, Pontus leverages his extensive expertise in sales, startup coaching, and go-to-market strategies to ensure that cutting-edge ideas not only see the light of day but thrive in the market. His mission? To accelerate the impact of novel technologies, making the world a better place one startup at a time.

Pontus  Stråhlman


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Apr 25, 2024 1:00 PM
Main Conference
Challenge Accepted - Taking to the stages to create winning sollutions together - Second Day