A great program always start with the people

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 Fabulous! You have secured your ticket to Startup Extreme 2019!

*If you haven’t, below will provide some reasoning why you should.

While you book your travel and accommodations (do this ASAP), below is a little taste of what you can expect during your time in Voss, Norway.



June 23rd: Before the storm

Before arriving in Voss, you will begin your journey in Bergen or Oslo. The day prior to Startup Extreme you will have the choice to explore on your own and or join one of our pre-events—where you’ll meet the exemplary investors, founders, media, and ecosystem influencers you’ll spend the next two days with. Meet some of these influencers today on our People tab.

June 24th: Part 1—The Journey to Voss

Rise and shine! It’s time to kick-off Startup Extreme with a morning of socializing and travel. Those coming from Bergen have it easy. You’ll ease into the morning with quality people and start your way to Voss via bus or train. For those in Oslo, the lucky few who apply and are accepted, will take part in the Ecosystem Summit—participants will enjoy the beautiful views, networking, and workshops during the 5-hour trip—apply to attend!  

June 24th: Part 2—Let’s do this!

It’s 13:30 and everyone has arrived in Voss, Norway—now it’s time to check-in and get physical. Find your EXTREME activity group (review your options) and jump into the great Norwegian outdoors! This is usually the optimal time to bond with others and the part of Startup Extreme that really pulls you into why we emphasize establishing authentic relationships. When you return, it will be time to join your new friends for Startup Extreme’s opening ceremony, filled with excitement and inspiration, followed by an evening of entertainment.

June 25th: Level-up, Pay-it-forward, and Recharge

Start your morning off with a hike, some yoga, swimming, or keep sleeping. After breakfast, we’ll jump into a full day of action. Depending on your motivations and needs, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and be inspired by international investment and entrepreneurial thought-leaders, share your skills and expertise with others, and refuel your startup tank through various wellness-related activities. In the evening, we will bring everyone back together for the closing ceremony and partaaay. It’s the perfect way to say farewell to mid-summer and another productive Startup Extreme.

June 26th: Tusen Takk

Say your goodbyes, exchange contact information, and let us know how many cool investors, founders, and or professionals you’ve connected with on a personal level. It’s, unfortunately time to leave beautiful Voss—but we will be back!