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you know to always be fundraising, seeking investor relationships for future fundraising rounds.

Statup Extreme is here for you!
Get infront of hundreds of investors, ready to find the next founding-team to fuel with their skills and capital.



Pitching Opportunities


Apply to pitch to one of the many stages and arenas at Startup Extreme. Get featured on the pitching stage, or be invited into the Main Stage Limelite.

Pitching is not just about raise capital
Use the pitching stages to seek new partners, show off your impressive innovations, or inspire others to join your mission as partners, employees, or future investors.

Wether you are Early Stage, Scaling Ready, Growing into new markets, or on a deep-tech innovation journey. Your inspiring story is what we want to hear! 

Create your startup-profile, and apply to pitch.


Apply to pitch to hundres of angel investors and VC´s during the worlds most unique startup event in the alps of the Nordics.

Deadline for application - April 15th 2024

  1. Buy at a minimum 1 ticket from your company to Startup Extreme. (All ticket-types are valid)
  2. Create your startup profile in the SX-Arena tool
  3. Complete the application form, and invite your team-members.
  4. Complete the application before April 15th 2024


  • All companies may apply to pitch.
  • Only SX 24 ticket-holders are evaluated.
    You may start the application before buying the ticket, but you will not be evaluated until at least one person from your team has a ticket.
  • Submit an open application, and we will consider you for all pitching opportunities.

Deadline for application - April 15th 2024

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